Coming soon…!

Spotlight which has been almost shelved would come back with more panache. This website had begun as a “dialogue” among the nation’s most respected names in the field of development, economics, environment and politics. From Sunita Narain, Brinda Karat, Mihir Shah,etc to grassroots stories about successes on the farmland Spotlight covered it all.

The old stories would remain as reference points. The stories in the new Spotlight would now be digests of happenings on the development front…the stuff affecting the people directly. From floods to famine – a whole gamut of issues that are faced by the creature called the common man in whose name the leaders buy votes, only to be forgotten. Their stories would be center staged in a easily readable package.

The plans are not concrete yet, I just thought I would share this bit of gossip from the “shop floor.”


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