From Graffiti

Graffiti spent the whole of Wednesday, November 09 2016 watching the events leading to the election of Donald Trump. The cheer ringing out in the Trump camp and the pensive atmosphere in the Clinton camp, the election analysis over, BBC, CNN, France24, DW, there was shock as it became clear that Trump had won.

Graffiti had been following the elections closely. There were posts in The News Today, Newspapers discussed the how the campaigning was proceeding, and the implications of either of the candidates becoming the President. There were some opinion posts in graffiti | Wall that knows in its inimitable style.

Rising of the son was discussed in “tongue in cheek” posts in graffiti | Wall that knows. The Congress party followed the time honored tradition of passing the crown to the new generation of Gandhis. The sycophancy was palpable as every neta paid tribute to the new king.

As we come close to saying good bye to 2016, there are moves afoot to make Graffiti more interesting. The notices of events and letters to the readers have now got their own home here on Graffiti Inbox. Graffiti would be reviving some of the sections that are lying dormant…for example Spotlight.


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