Graffiti notes

Whoa…! What has the world come to. The only thing it is talking about is Donald Trump, of course there are some headlines that talk about Brexit. Syria makes occasional appearance, also Iraq, situation is grim in both the places; Putin has not stopped bombing Aleppo. In India it is demonetization.

And the pot is boiling at the sorcerer’s lab in Graffiti. Now it wants to change the way story promos are presented in Graffiti Page. Unlike the present style of each story being promoted as independent post, it wants to present an overview of stories of the day, with the stories of the day arranged in a single post.

Besides this the Newspapers section would be renamed but the original proposal to name it Media File has been shelved as it sounds like a folder on the PC containing songs, pictures and video. The new name will have to be something that is sharp and distinct. The other improvements that were discussed earlier will be forthcoming over a period of months.

Warm regards,



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