Behind the scenes

Newspapers has now become Opinion Page. The transition marks a clear break from the past when some news stories were also posted on the site. The Opinion Page would take a look at the headline creating news events from the perspective of the columnists and experts who write on the opinion pages of the newspapers and other media.

There are other changes that would come to Graffiti. These have been discussed in the previous postings. Winter is the time when Graffiti reflects on the future and takes stock of things. Voters in large numbers have thrown their weight behind the right wing leaders and in many cases elected them, like Theresa May, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi. The French have also shown that they are for the right. Some columnists have opined that there is shift from the rhetoric of Globalization to that of nationalism.

Times continue to be difficult, they haven’t been any better under the conservatives in UK. Now the mess and uncertainty of Brexit is affecting the country adversely. In India the right wing BJP led coalition lurches from one mess to the other, branding those who give their opinion as being “anti-national.” People, the one million, are the losers. While important issues like the plight of the migrants, the human suffering in places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, global poverty, growing wealth of the elite and the unfair influence they wield are relegated to the back shelf.

Graffiti would endeavor to keep these issues in the foreground while covering the world and all that is in it.



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