That Sunday idea

Dear Readers,

Readers are at the heart of all endeavors that involve writing. The erstwhile graffiti | Wall that knows has seen a fall in readership after revamping periodicity of posting. Graffiti is sensitive to reader sentiments and it will therefore make a complete about turn and return to the former posting schedule, i.e throughout the week.

However, it will be called graffiti | The Reading Wall. The masthead is inspired by the Moaist era ‘newspapers’ that were posted on walls at strategic locations and presented the party’s views on the happenings. Of course none of the Maoist era flavors would served at Graffiti. The postings would give Graffiti’s views on the events and its take on the past.

Hope my readers would be enthused by the “return to roots” strategy.

Take care and and be sunny!


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