From Graffiti

There have been disasters, terror attack and the ongoing Syrian tragedy. The News section of Graffiti has once again become inactive. This is because people become disaster insensitive if there is a saturation coverage of these events. That is what happened to Syrian war, it started going towards the back burner of public consciousness. It happened with Katrina.

Graffiti is mulling reworking of The News Today, no not major changes but refocused content. Simply reproducing news in a digested format is not sustainable. There is a need to take a long hard look at the contents. The process is on, the pointers are visible, it is how it could be interpreted in terms of content, that is the question.

Till then the news section would have to continue in its present repose. And there is a personal angle too. While I was reading up and writing on Syrian War, I was undergoing something of a psychological turmoil as the tragedy unfolded day in and day out on the pages of newspaper websites. Drought and the response of the administration left me seething, which is not good…one musn’t get too involved with a story, one looses balance and perspective.

The new content style would have to take care of these things too.

Take care, enjoy the winter sun, if it is there!



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