From Graffiti

Graffiti has had to cut down posting due to the fact that the its Editor was unable to pursue stories and events on a regular basis. Graffiti is planning a slow but definite return to publishing from here on. The news coverage has not changed much since I wrote on this section. The Trump saga goes on, some columnists have questioned his mental state, they advised that a Psychiatrist be appointed to the White House.

There was other news as well, the Iraqi forces pushed into the remaining portion of Mosul to retake it from IS. Then there was news that the half brother of North Korean dictator was murdered at a Malaysian airport. North Korean agents are suspected to be behind the murder. In India the elections are underway and Modi is exercising his vocal chords in what is seen as a make or break assembly elections.

The zeal shown by our PM in his campaign was somewhat absent from his zeal to do something for the masses whom he had put on the road to total ruin, from small businesses operating from footpaths, to small scale industries all suffered from demonetization. The need to modernise the infrastructure in our villages has been discussed and debated by columnists and experts for decades, the present dispensation has hardly moved in that direction. The administration seems to be pushing forward their technology driven agenda.

Can poverty be eradicated by the push of a button?


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