To the Readers

Dear Readers,

“From the newspapers this week” which used to appear in “graffiti [The Reading Wall]” will now appear in THE NEWS TODAY. The long hibernation is now over. There has been progress made by the forces in Iraq and Syria against the IS or Daesh as the jihadist outfit is called in the middle east. Along with the global news there will be news on developments at the home front where the crucial assembly elections have preoccupied the media and politicians alike.

All in all this is a spring of bated breath. Will the forces – Kurdish, Syrian Troops, Iraqi soldiers, US troops be able to wrest control of areas from the IS? Will the assembly election be a shocker for the ruling party in India; one wishes that the ruling NDA gets a shock treatment so that it gets a bit of reality check.

I am sure my Readers would continue to support Graffiti as they have done unflinchingly all those long years – five to be exact.

Till then take care and be cheerful!



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