Please welcome Global News-stand

Dear Readers,

The gantry cranes have left, the construction debris has been removed. The last of the workmen who labored hard to finish Global News-stand have left.  It isn’t brand new but some rejigging was required, what was there before – news stories told in the inimitable style of Graffiti still remains, however, the website wears new colors and has new style and poise.

The first story today is from Australia where  people have been killed, The latest news is that two people died, they were women who were swept away in the flood waters, in New South Wales. Tens of thousands of people have been left stranded in their homes because of torrential rains.

As and when there are compelling stories Global News-stand will post the clipping.

As ever, you dear Readers are the ultimate adjudicators…your continued support is fervently required…others ask for funds however, Graffiti will never ask for funds, it will forever be free…all it asks is that you dear readers continue to dive into Graffiti and send your comments and likes. In this world of Twitter and Facebook page likes, and posts, “likes “are the fuel that keeps the machinery moving. I am sure my Readers would be enthused by the new offering. The News Today will continue as it always has, posting stories from India and the world.

Take care, the weather demands that you drink plenty of water and avoid the sun, as far as possible.



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