Farewell Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Despite attempts to bring in change and to refocus Graffiti, it has reached a point where it is not “taking off.” The challenge of producing content for the website has become far more arduous a task for me, putting stories together for Graffiti is no longer what it used to be.

There comes a time when one has to say “farewell” to friends.¬†Graffiti, would no longer be updated with new posts. It is like parting with an old friend. Graffiti had shared with you dear readers wide ranging interests – from political drama in India to geo politics, from politics in UK to USA and other countries. It laid bare India’s weak fundamentals and analysed current affairs. There were posts on advertising, railways, technology, etc. When I look back at the journey, ending it seems more difficult, however, the press needs to stop here.

It isn’t a matter of just putting together stories, it is also getting various points of view across. It is the plurality of opinions that makes it all worthwhile, each event creates its own universe – activists marching in unison gathering a groundswell of ideas, the state response to the protests, the opinions expressed by the columnists, experts etc, are what makes our world tick.

There are state actors who are trying to end this plurality and are imprinting their views and trying to hawk their view point as the only legitimate idea. This is not the kind of world we want to live in, we want to breathe in the freshness of diversity. We want to breathe in a world that is free from violence – violence of racism, violence of inequality, violence of want, violence of hunger.

Yes we do dream of Utopia.