Farewell Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Despite attempts to bring in change and to refocus Graffiti, it has reached a point where it is not “taking off.” The challenge of producing content for the website has become far more arduous a task for me, putting stories together for Graffiti is no longer what it used to be.

There comes a time when one has to say “farewell” to friends. Graffiti, would no longer be updated with new posts. It is like parting with an old friend. Graffiti had shared with you dear readers wide ranging interests – from political drama in India to geo politics, from politics in UK to USA and other countries. It laid bare India’s weak fundamentals and analysed current affairs. There were posts on advertising, railways, technology, etc. When I look back at the journey, ending it seems more difficult, however, the press needs to stop here.

It isn’t a matter of just putting together stories, it is also getting various points of view across. It is the plurality of opinions that makes it all worthwhile, each event creates its own universe – activists marching in unison gathering a groundswell of ideas, the state response to the protests, the opinions expressed by the columnists, experts etc, are what makes our world tick.

There are state actors who are trying to end this plurality and are imprinting their views and trying to hawk their view point as the only legitimate idea. This is not the kind of world we want to live in, we want to breathe in the freshness of diversity. We want to breathe in a world that is free from violence – violence of racism, violence of inequality, violence of want, violence of hunger.

Yes we do dream of Utopia.


Please welcome Global News-stand

Dear Readers,

The gantry cranes have left, the construction debris has been removed. The last of the workmen who labored hard to finish Global News-stand have left.  It isn’t brand new but some rejigging was required, what was there before – news stories told in the inimitable style of Graffiti still remains, however, the website wears new colors and has new style and poise.

The first story today is from Australia where  people have been killed, The latest news is that two people died, they were women who were swept away in the flood waters, in New South Wales. Tens of thousands of people have been left stranded in their homes because of torrential rains.

As and when there are compelling stories Global News-stand will post the clipping.

As ever, you dear Readers are the ultimate adjudicators…your continued support is fervently required…others ask for funds however, Graffiti will never ask for funds, it will forever be free…all it asks is that you dear readers continue to dive into Graffiti and send your comments and likes. In this world of Twitter and Facebook page likes, and posts, “likes “are the fuel that keeps the machinery moving. I am sure my Readers would be enthused by the new offering. The News Today will continue as it always has, posting stories from India and the world.

Take care, the weather demands that you drink plenty of water and avoid the sun, as far as possible.


Great things coming your way

Dear Readers,

The Archived Weekly Globe will come out of the cold storage in a new avatar. The Global News-Stand would feature stories appearing dailies like, “The Guardian,” “The Newsweek,” “Time,” “South China Morning Post” and electronic media websites from BBC, DW, France24, etc in a news clipping form.A second news website sounds exciting!

The latest happenings in Washington, where the President has had a series failures this week, iraqi army saying its strikes did not kill civilians, Brexit pains,etc need a web page to themselves. The world looks suddenly very insecure. The London terror attack, the Belgian copy cat attack have us huddled in a corner.

All the happening news from across the globe coming to Graffiti. Graffiti would be launching it in the first week of April. So guys keep eye on Graffiti, there will be an announcement soon!

Till then do take care! Balmy weather isn’t it.


To the Readers

Dear Readers,

“From the newspapers this week” which used to appear in “graffiti [The Reading Wall]” will now appear in THE NEWS TODAY. The long hibernation is now over. There has been progress made by the forces in Iraq and Syria against the IS or Daesh as the jihadist outfit is called in the middle east. Along with the global news there will be news on developments at the home front where the crucial assembly elections have preoccupied the media and politicians alike.

All in all this is a spring of bated breath. Will the forces – Kurdish, Syrian Troops, Iraqi soldiers, US troops be able to wrest control of areas from the IS? Will the assembly election be a shocker for the ruling party in India; one wishes that the ruling NDA gets a shock treatment so that it gets a bit of reality check.

I am sure my Readers would continue to support Graffiti as they have done unflinchingly all those long years – five to be exact.

Till then take care and be cheerful!


From Graffiti

Graffiti has had to cut down posting due to the fact that the its Editor was unable to pursue stories and events on a regular basis. Graffiti is planning a slow but definite return to publishing from here on. The news coverage has not changed much since I wrote on this section. The Trump saga goes on, some columnists have questioned his mental state, they advised that a Psychiatrist be appointed to the White House.

There was other news as well, the Iraqi forces pushed into the remaining portion of Mosul to retake it from IS. Then there was news that the half brother of North Korean dictator was murdered at a Malaysian airport. North Korean agents are suspected to be behind the murder. In India the elections are underway and Modi is exercising his vocal chords in what is seen as a make or break assembly elections.

The zeal shown by our PM in his campaign was somewhat absent from his zeal to do something for the masses whom he had put on the road to total ruin, from small businesses operating from footpaths, to small scale industries all suffered from demonetization. The need to modernise the infrastructure in our villages has been discussed and debated by columnists and experts for decades, the present dispensation has hardly moved in that direction. The administration seems to be pushing forward their technology driven agenda.

Can poverty be eradicated by the push of a button?

From Graffiti

There have been disasters, terror attack and the ongoing Syrian tragedy. The News section of Graffiti has once again become inactive. This is because people become disaster insensitive if there is a saturation coverage of these events. That is what happened to Syrian war, it started going towards the back burner of public consciousness. It happened with Katrina.

Graffiti is mulling reworking of The News Today, no not major changes but refocused content. Simply reproducing news in a digested format is not sustainable. There is a need to take a long hard look at the contents. The process is on, the pointers are visible, it is how it could be interpreted in terms of content, that is the question.

Till then the news section would have to continue in its present repose. And there is a personal angle too. While I was reading up and writing on Syrian War, I was undergoing something of a psychological turmoil as the tragedy unfolded day in and day out on the pages of newspaper websites. Drought and the response of the administration left me seething, which is not good…one musn’t get too involved with a story, one looses balance and perspective.

The new content style would have to take care of these things too.

Take care, enjoy the winter sun, if it is there!


That Sunday idea

Dear Readers,

Readers are at the heart of all endeavors that involve writing. The erstwhile graffiti | Wall that knows has seen a fall in readership after revamping periodicity of posting. Graffiti is sensitive to reader sentiments and it will therefore make a complete about turn and return to the former posting schedule, i.e throughout the week.

However, it will be called graffiti | The Reading Wall. The masthead is inspired by the Moaist era ‘newspapers’ that were posted on walls at strategic locations and presented the party’s views on the happenings. Of course none of the Maoist era flavors would served at Graffiti. The postings would give Graffiti’s views on the events and its take on the past.

Hope my readers would be enthused by the “return to roots” strategy.

Take care and and be sunny!

From Graffiti

graffiti | Wall that knows became Sunday Reader, you would be seeing the change in the navigation bar soon. The Graffiti Page underwent a change in the way the stories were highlighted. It has now acquired a more magazine like appearance. Stories now appear in a two day segment.

Donald Trump, Syria, Russia made news in Graffiti. The news world was abuzz with the story that Russian hackers had helped Trump win against Clinton. Syrian war has taken a turn for the worse as the Government troops were successful in taking Aleppo from the US backed rebels. Russia had helped Assad in the mission by carrying out raids that killed hundreds of innocent civilians and created the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen so far.

Take care and be happy!

Sunday Reader

Dear Readers,


Coming Soon!

graffiti | Wall that knows would soon be posted under a new masthead. graffiti | Wall that knows has amused and provoked thought for many years. it is the oldest section in Graffiti. Course of global politics has been recorded on the pages of graffiti | Wall that knows. The original intent of the masthead is lost to the new readers, therefore it was necessary to move from this mystical masthead.

Everything else would remain the same on Sunday Reader. The pungent, the witty and downright irreverent, the caustic humor would all appear every Sunday of the month.

Behind the scenes

Newspapers has now become Opinion Page. The transition marks a clear break from the past when some news stories were also posted on the site. The Opinion Page would take a look at the headline creating news events from the perspective of the columnists and experts who write on the opinion pages of the newspapers and other media.

There are other changes that would come to Graffiti. These have been discussed in the previous postings. Winter is the time when Graffiti reflects on the future and takes stock of things. Voters in large numbers have thrown their weight behind the right wing leaders and in many cases elected them, like Theresa May, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi. The French have also shown that they are for the right. Some columnists have opined that there is shift from the rhetoric of Globalization to that of nationalism.

Times continue to be difficult, they haven’t been any better under the conservatives in UK. Now the mess and uncertainty of Brexit is affecting the country adversely. In India the right wing BJP led coalition lurches from one mess to the other, branding those who give their opinion as being “anti-national.” People, the one million, are the losers. While important issues like the plight of the migrants, the human suffering in places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, global poverty, growing wealth of the elite and the unfair influence they wield are relegated to the back shelf.

Graffiti would endeavor to keep these issues in the foreground while covering the world and all that is in it.